So this is the official Hindenburg II

Zeppelin with sun from aboveGranted, the “other” Hindenburg II (the one from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) was far more impressive, but times change. Come to think of it, they could have called it “Klein Hindenburg” (little Hindenburg), but they went with Hindenburg II. Obviously, I am not talking about a good old Zeppelin like the ones of the Golden age of Zeppelins in the late 1920s-mid 1930s.

No, rigid airships have fallen out of favour. The Hindenburg II is not even a proper blimp, let alone a war zeppelin, it is an unmanned aerial vehicle, currently deployed with the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan. Well, at least it is something and since I am one of the few people in my current country of residence openly supporting the troops in action in Afghanistan (no matter which NATO country they are from), and I am a Zeppelin Aficionado, I had to post this official video. It is in German, unfortunately, but the Hindenburg II is in it for Cthulhu’s sake…


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