The Secret Police is hard at work

Where do I start…
A few days ago I was cruising through the ætherweb like I usually do and found another place I thus far had not been to before. I will also not return there.
Among other things, Steampunk as a fashion and life style was discussed and there were quite a number of entries along very elitist lines, aimed at excluding people.
First price goes to the little milksop who felt it was prudent to state the following:

Disabled people can’t be steampunks

As my Japanese friends would say: Kasu kurae!

And no, I do not think this person was a troll, I looked up other posts. There were no indications for trolling.

Well… The photo says it all…

Q bloody ED!

So, to all those who think they can make the Steampunk scene the playground of their personal prejudices:
Calling someone else ugly and unwelcome will not make you beautiful and part of us.

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