This one is all about readers' feedback

As much as I try to catch everything regarding the topics this blog concerns itself with, there are still lots and lots of things I miss. Sadly, I have only a limited amount of time for this blog. Not sadly at all, I have a family that also needs time and of course gets priority.

But since there are so many things I miss, I am always happy to receive readers’ feedback. This time, I thank my readers Mark Day, A Stuart Williams and William Billman.

Mr. Billman pointed my attention to the following article announcing a cooperation between Zeppelin and Goodyear (and I have hit myself repeatedly wih a spanner because I missed this very joyful news):

Company’s 85-year history of airship operations looks at its past to pave the way for its future.

AKRON, Ohio, May 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Goodyear (NYSE: GT) and blimps.  Two things that go together like America and apple pie.

And that long-standing tradition continues thanks to a new agreement with German zeppelin manufacturer ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik – to supply The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company with airships well into the next decade.


Read the full article.

Now for the contribution of Mr. Williams. As a regular contributor to the Gatehouse Gazette, I sometimes forget there are other excellent online publications out there and Mr. Williams was kind enough to point my inquisitive eyes towards the Science Fiction Freedom E’Zine. The current issue is all about Steampunk. Take a look, bring some time:

And of course, Mr. Day, he recommended the following two videos, having posted a tiny piece about Peter Cushing a few days before, I am especially happy about the first video:




I wish I could go to Burning Man, too, one of these days… Alas, it is once again a matter of the Atlantic.
Anyway, thanks again to the three gentlemen, I am delighted about these contributions, keep them coming! I cannot have my eyes everywhere.