Atompunk – Closing the Punk Gap

Over two years ago now, I was musing over what I perceived as a Punk Gap. Back then, I also observed the time period of the gap was dominated by the Space Race. Now I have learned this punk gap has been closed and the Space Race is a major factor in ATOMPUNK.
Atompunk is another child of Cyberpunk and it is nested between Dieselpunk and Cyberpunk. Its esthetics are derived from what was en vogue during the early to middle years of the Cold War. Obviously, it lends heavily from the space fashion of the early 1960’s, 1950’s style American fashion, Cold War/Communist propaganda and of course designs found in the space programs on both sides of the Iron courtain.

Space Fashion of the 1960’s looked something like this:

Space Age Fashion

The type of architecture found in Atompunk is maybe best illustrated by Googie architecture such as the Space Needle in Seatle. Silver Age Superhero Comics also fall into the general area of Atompunk.
And a very lighthearted depiction of what Atompunk in Space looks like, go to and especially look at this historic photograph.

And come to think of it, this comic I talked about in December of 2010:

is as atompunk as it gets.

So, the Punk Gap has been sealed.