Steampunk Design Contest at Mighty Fine

The good people at Mighty Fine

Mighty Fine Logo

(I blogged about one of their t-shirt designs before) are hosting a most commendable design contest.

Steampunk Design Contest at Mighty Fine Logo

Submit your design until October 3rd (coincidentally, that is German Unity Day) for a chance to win up to 2000 $ and a chance to have thousands of Steampunks wear your t-shirt! Even better, Mighty Fine has two very illustrious judges:

G.D. Falksen and Evelyn Kriete!

While the overall winner will be decided by popular vote, both Ms. Kriete and Mr. Falksen will pick their favorite design and the artist will receive a gift certificate and 200$. So even if your design is not the overall winner, you may still be able to brag about the fact one of the best known Steampunk celebreties favoured YOUR design. If this is not an incentive, I do not know what is…

To participate, visit the MightyFine Steampuk Design Contest Page, and please drop me a ine if your design won and you first read about the contest on my blog. I will in all likelyhood purchase your t-shirt!