The Mercury Men

My good friend Timo just brought this little ætherweb gem to my attention:

The Mercury Men


Jack Yeager, one of the heroes of The Mercury Men

Jack Yeager

Good job I mentioned Atompunk just two days ago, this fits the bill, somewhat. The Mercury Men is quite a cool mix and new take on several genres. Jack Yaeger looks and acts like a pulp novel hero and the equipment he uses (and the whole feel of the web series) is so much like the early Twilight Zone and Mystery Science Theater shows, mixed with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The series itself is set in 1975, early digital age, so to speak. Oh my… 1975, I could actually speak in 1975 and had already been walking for a while…

Back on topic: I am very excited about this web series, visuals are great, the confusion of  the hapless government employee Edward Borman (a play on boring man/bored man?) is palpable.

I have just subscribed to it on iTunes (it is free) and can recommend it to everyone.  Also, please go and check out their website at Apart from more information about the series, there is a blog, artwork, cast and crew, everything you want to know but were afraid to ask. And now I am going to watch everything my iTunes just downloaded.