A message from John Sprocket

Strange fluctuations in space and time. Only minutes after I finished yesterday’s article on Ghostfire, in which I mentioned The Cog is Dead, I got a message via æthermail.

The message was from no other than the famed Captain John Sprocket of The Cog is Dead. He informed me of the completion of the band’s new recording studio, and what a studio it is.

The good Captain has gratiously invited me to spread the news and share the photos, so here are a few images, giving you an impression of the phantastic place The Cog is Dead are recording their superb music at:

The Cog is Dead - Timeship Records Plaque

The Cog is Dead, The Studio

A Steampunk prop from the recording studio

There is still more. The Cog is Dead have a whole gallery on Flickr, so go and pay it a visit and also consider listening in to their music and get a tune or two!