Euro Steam Con I – Spread the Word

So here it is, the idea of a European Steampunk Convention.
Since a lot of things are happening on the other side of the Atlantic and some decent events have taken place in Britain, it is about time something major happens in continental Europe. Thus far, conventions and meet-ups have mostly been local or country-based affairs.
There are active steampunk scenes from Spain to France to the Low Countries to Germany to Poland. There are literally Steampunks in every country of this continent. Unfortunately, they have thus far existed in relative isolation.

Now it is time to change this. It is time we all got together somewhere.

If people travel across the length and breadth of North America to attend a convention, so can we, and we have far less ground to cover.
Maybe there will be one location where we all meet up. Maybe the convention will take place in several places all over Europe connected by life video streams. I do not care what the final shape of the event will be as long as it connects the steampunks, dieselpunks and related scenes across Europe. If we manage to turn it into a 24 hour world-wide event, even better, but for now, the working title is

EuroSteamCon I

Some of my closest friends in and outside the scene have already given me a thumbs up and pledged their support, among them the informal head of the Austrian Steampunks.
Philippa Ballantine of Ministry of Peculiar Occurences fame has also signalled her interest in participating, provided she can fit it in. Now we need to connect the scenes across Europe.
So, if you are interested in joining the crew and get this project on the road, get in touch. Everybody is welcome, the more, the merrier, the more diverse, the better. If you are a lonely steampunk somewhere in Transylvania or Anatolia, contact me and I will help you get to the event when it happens.This is for all of us.
I also want to reach out to our Spanish and French friends, we know you are out there, but we seldom meet, online or offline, let’s change this.
If you can contribute, if you are a musician, a DJ, a technician, if you know, own or have access to a great location, get in touch. Let us work together and create the first European Steampunk Convention!
This is the age of the ætherweb, we can reach more people with the click of a mouse than our Victorian ancestors could hope for reaching in a life time. Let us use our connections.
Spread the word! Translate this message and share it with your friends!

And to all of you who know already have an idea how they can contribute, help out or actively participate in any way, contact me, get in touch!