No Girls allowed on the Moon

Just came across this one on Paleofuture, and it firmly fits into atompunk gone a bit too far in a baseball jacket wearing direction:

Boytopia - A Boy's Playground on the MoonThose were the days… 1960. Most people were convinced there would be cities on the moon in their lifetime. Well… ummmmm… It did not quite turn out that way. At least we can still dream.

The above image came from the March 13th issue of 1960 of The Chicago Tribune, the newspaper ran several of these “Closer than we think!” strips in the early 1960’s. Paleofuture has a whole collection of them.
Well, at least the wrist-watch TV they predicted is around, although the modern smart phones are slightly larger but can do a little bit more than just receive TV (or Youtube, as the case may be).

And the “Closer than we think!” strip on reveresed gravity is a classic. Paleofuture has that one, too.

Interestingly (and rather predictably), there is no strip about a girltopia on the moon or in outer space. Right… Girls were not supposed to go to the moon in 1960. This was the Golden Age of Butch Astronauts after all. Men were still real men, women were still real women and small furry animals from Alpha Centauri… (If you recognise the quote, drop me a line). But seriously, I honestly think this is the reason why there was no comparable idea for girls published: Space was for men in the early 1960s. Sad, but true. All you have to do is watch a sci-fi movie from back then. Some “gender specific” stuff in there makes you cringe.

And here is another piece of atompunk space art, a bit on the lighter side, I think (and I do not know anymore, where I found it, it has been lying around on my hardrive for a while:
Space Cards from the 1950s