Violet Tribe: The Steam Song

Violet Tribe Group Promo ShotIt has been a while since I last posted something about steampunk-related tribal bellydance. If I have not missed something, the last article was actually about Dizzy and the Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society, almost two years ago,

Fortunately, this long interval is now coming to an end with this video. A friend of mine who is also into tribal bellydance has told me recently there are a number of dancers who are into Steampunk to one degree or another.

Well, the overlap is greater than I thought. But now for the video, as the title of this post has already revealed, this is The Steam Song by Violet Tribe:

The Violet Tribe: “The Steam Song”

VIOLET TRIBE | Myspace Music Videos

Splendid, that’s all I can say and even better: The ladies are from Germany. Brilliant! The scene is picking up steam here! Could come in handy for Euro Steam Con I, too.

Oh, there are some news here, too: The people at have signalled interest, now I am waiting for a reply from Retrostacja & Steampunkopedia and others. So much for the update on that project.


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