Fun with Evil Germans: How to do it right

Just three posts ago, I was ranting about Germans being once again used as the stupid default villain, specifically as Nazis-in-disguise.

Now, the thing that annoys me about this is the trope-whoring. No matter what the historical setting is, there is always something Nazi-esque about the Germans. I wonder when I will get my hands and eyes on the first novel set during the Fall of Rome when the Vandals suddenly show up wearing jackboots and goose-stepping down the Via Apia.

There is exactly one time-frame when it is correct to depict Germans as Nazis in significant numbers:


And it is perfectly fine to (to quote Sergeant Colon of the Ankh-Morpork City Guard)

Extract the urine.

A perfect example is the upcoming independent movie Iron Sky. Evil Nazis on the moon… EPIC!

As a teaser and prequel, they just relased a comic on their website, Bad Moon Rising, which tells a little bit about what happened before the Nazi exodus to the moon started.

Bad Moon Rising Cover

And in this context, all the old tropes are so overblown and obviously tongue-in-cheek, it is simply tremendous fun. Of course, the Nazis are evil, over the top so. But the whole scenario is completely over the top. The people at Iron Sky do not mean this to be serious or an accurate depiction of anything, this is all caricature. And this is the point where it is so much better than Vandals on Venus: In Vandals on Venus, only the German and to an extend the Irish character were caricatures, they were tools to help the day-saving-Americans shine. Vandals on Venus was about Americans being heroes at all costs. In Iron Sky, the evil, over-the-top Nazis are the central characters. They are there for themselves, not as garnish for others.

Thus: Bad Moon Rising contains some belly-ache-laughter inducing scenes. Nazi soldiers hauling crates of Schnapps into Reichsflugscheiben. The extra-evil scientist abducting babies, Reichskanzler (on the Moon) Wolfgang Korzfleisch (his name in English would most likely be Prukemeat), the rant about sausages and Hitler being a vegetarian…

And the artwork is Grade A+, too, from the classic pulp novel cover to the final page.

So, it is perfectly fine to poke fun at Germans, or Nazi Germans in this case, you just have to do it right.
Here it is done right and I almost laughed my head off reading Bad Moon Rising. I can recommend it to every Reichsflugscheibenpilot out there and to all who want to be one. The Iron Sky team are geniuses!

Ten out of Ten Zeppelins for  Bad Moon Rising!