Some quick news Items

EuroSteamCon is taking more and more shape. Right now, feedback has come in from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Italy and The Netherlands.

Now, I would really like to hear something from my Polish friends…

We have also bands who have signaled interest in performing at the event, notably BB Black Dog and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. For more information on that matter, see this post on the official EuroSteamCon blog.

Next: As you might have noticed, my last post on this blog got quite a significant number of Facebook-Likes.

If all the good people who liked the Bad Moon Rising post could be so kind and drop me a note (on Facebook), I want to raffle a few gifts among them (suitably steampunk, obviously).

And last but not least:

More great things are afoot in the world of Space 1889 & Beyond.

Space 1889 & Beyond LogoAndy Frankham-Allen has the following to say about that:

The details are thus; Frank Chadwick and I will be joining forces to pen the opening novel, entitled “The Conspiracy of Silence“, which will shake the universe of Space: 1889 to its core. Mark Michalowski will be writing the fifth story in the series, a novella set entirely on board an aether flyer.

Yes, the series is going strong and there will be several more releases to come. I am already looking forward to the next installment, this one will be set on Mercury, my second favourite location of Space 1889 after the Asteroid Belt.

You can find out a few more details on Andy’s blog. I will also keep you posted about the latest developments.

And now I will see if some people actually contact me.