Some Cyberpunk Songs

Very much like Steampunk, I was interested in Cyberpunk long before I had any idea there was a name for it. Very much like William Gibson, my ideas about computers and what was going to be known as cyberspace were shaped by my total lack of technical knwowledge.

My lack of technical knowledge back then was a simple question of age. The first time I sat in front of  computer was in 1983, I was  not allowed to touch anything. I do not remember what model the computer was, but as you can guess, its power and capabilities were laughable compared to today’s models. Back then, I thought I could accidentaly cause a black-out or something, just by touching the wrong buttons…

Anyway, I was browsing Youtube a little. More specifically, I was looking for a number songs I connect to specific memories concerning me and computers, here are some of them now (some are actual cyberpunk classics by now):





There is also Mindphaser by FLA, Youtube does not want me to embed t, but luckily, there are other options available:

Front Line Assembly – Mindphaser von oslo55

OK, so much for this little compilation. It once again proves how old I actually am.