Happy Halloween everybody and Iä!

Halloween is upon us and for this reason I am blatantly going to steal my friend Hilde’s design she posted over at the Gatehouse blog, but before, here comes the cultist:

Halloween is, according to the holy and wholesome writ of the Great Prophet Howard, one of the most important festivals of the Cult of Cthulhu.

I also want to point out, again, the Cult has changed and Cthulhu himself is most likely far more benign than, say, some fairly popular deity whose name, according to his own statement, is “Jealous”.

The latest evidence actually indicates Cthulhu is here to save the world! And I am doing a little trope-whoring myself here:

Everything sounds more evil in German, you know!

I hope you enjoyed this mindless piece of entertainment from beyond the gulfs of space and time. Now for the aforementioned Halloween Design I stole:

Happy Halloween by Hilde Heyaert


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