Gatehouse Gazette Issue 21

21, half the meaning of life, the universe and everything, that is a lot of wisdom already, don’t you think. Well, it is also the final issue of the regular run of the Gatehouse Gazette. For the foreseeable future, there will be no more regular bi-monthly issues of this magazine.

The torch will keep on burning, never fear! The regular contributors to the Gatehouse Gazette, myself included, will continue their work, publishing essays at the Gatehouse Blog and there might always be special issues on an irregular basis,

But for now this is it, the final issue of the Gatehouse Gazette. We have put all our strength together and created a voluminous final issue.

But before you go, download and enjoy it, here are some words by our Chief Editor/Benevolent Dictator Nick Ottens:


The final print edition of the Gatehouse Gazette is now available for
download. The issue provides a guide to the many possibilities for
steampunk adventure that the age of imperialism has on offer.

From short biographies of three Great White Hunters to steampunk
fiction in Africa, this issue is designed to thoroughly entertain the
nostalgic imperialists among us. We also have a review of two recent
Space 1889 adventures which clearly demonstrate that empire hasn’t to
be confined to this Earth. Of course, Hilde Heyvaert provides the
necessary fashion advise for when you’re planning an expedition to
uncover whatever lost civilization while Marcus Rauchfuß explores the
capital of an empire that’s often overlooked.

We also have two interviews, one with Simon R. Green, author of the
neo-noir Nightside novels that have been extensively reviewed in
previous editions of the Gazette, and another with Allegra Hawksmoor,
until recently the chief editor of SteamPunk Magazine.

So, this wraps it up, now, enjoy our final work, maybe with a bottle of African beer, I suggest Mongozo, one of my faavourite brands:

Gazette 21 cover

And please, let us know if you enjoyed this issue, it would mean a lot, also, if you find fault, let us know.