Fancy being the Villain in a Story?

Space 1889 & Beyond LogoIf it is your ambition to leave a mark in Steampunk literature, but you are not the writing type, here’s your chance:

You can be the villain in an upcoming Space 1889 & Beyond adventure! It is really easy, all you have to do…

Well, I let Andy Frankham-Allen explain:


Okay, here’s the competition. Spread this around wherever and to whoever you can.

First prize is a free copy of ‘The Ghosts of Mercury’ (in the digital format of their choice) and the winner will be featured in series two of Space: 1889 & Beyond as a villain.

And two runners-up will both receive a free copy of ‘The Ghosts of Mercury’ (in the digital format of their choice).

All they have to do is answer this simple question; Which world bookends series one of Space: 1889 & Beyond?

Send their answers to – the winners will be chosen at random and announced on November 15th.

So now you know what to do! If you do not know the answer, a little research on the Æthernet is all you need. I am not participating, in case you wonder, there are already enough German villains in steampunk literature… But that’s another story.


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