Through the Ætherbox

I have been sloppy reacting to input I received through my ætherbox recently. There have been quite a number of things trickling in, mostly in relation with the European Steampunk Convention, but also others.
Planning for the ESC is one of the reasons this blog has been getting rather short updates recently.

First, I want to point your attention to Marcos, a Spanish Steampunk designer and inventor who can be found at, his blog is well worth the casual and the longer visit. All his pieces are fantastic. Here’s an example, the Kraken 888:

Kraken 8881 Ray Gun
He has initially contacted me regarding the European Steampunk Convention, something I consider really lucky!

Continuing with three-dimensional design, interior design in this case, an old acquaintance of mine, Josh Kinsey of J.W. Kinsey Artifice fame has kindly sent me an image of his newest invention, the Photonic Siphuncle:

Photonic Siphuncle
Mr. Kinsey’s workshop is one of the finest I have seen on the ætherweb, a true master of his craft. Bring some time when you visit him.

And finally, to round up this post dominated by visual maginficance, here is something to please your eyes and ears:

A video by The Dark Design, dark steampunk electro. In other words, exactly my taste! Please enjoy:

You can also find The Dark Design on Facebook. Please saunter over and give them some love!


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