Dieselpunk Vehicles

Two things I came across in my facebook stream recently. Since they have a common theme, I thought it was well worth I shared them with you.
First, simple and effective animation of the Phantom Corsair (so Dieselpunk in itself) with Pandora as the driver (you could almost say gunner):

Along the same design line, I found this absolutely stunningly beautiful motorbike:

Dieselpunk Motorbike

If any of my readers know who designed thi bike and could point me to their website (if one exists), I would be really greatful!

Edit: Kudos to Timo once again:

Here’s more info about the wonderful bike, it is a 1930 Art Deco Henderson. The lucky bastard proud owner of this bike resides in Syracuse, NY, so there is no chance in the near future I could take a ride or just sit on it (and pose and have pictures taken).