Dieselpunk Furniture made in Germany

Furniture inspired by aeronautical design is (becoming) more common than I thought. A while back I reported on the Mitchell bomber desks. There are more, I guess there will be more retro-techno-furniture articles coming up in the future.

Today I want to point your attention to Aero 1946.

Aero 1946 is a German two-man company specializing in producing furniture and some accessories onspired by post-war aircraft designs. When I first read about them I was sort of hoping there were parts of Me-262 jetfighters or something being put into the completed products.
This is not the case, but it does not hurt the finished objects at all:

Steel Cabinet (design by Aero 1946)

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Thus far, Aero 1946 is producing the cabinet above and a toolbox the likes of which no pilot worth his weight in fuel should fail to own.

They also have a large number of images of the cabinet above and their workshiop on the site, so check it out. The site is thus far only available in German, thouh, but images speak all languages.