Review: BB Black Dog – No.One.

I have known BB Black Dog for quite a while now. Everywhere you look in the European Steampunk scene you find BB Black Dog mentioned somewhere. I was thus delighted when they inquired if I could review their album No.One. and rather surprised to learn it was their debut.

BB Black Dog - Band

The official email I got sums it up quite nicely what BB Black Dog is all about:

[…] A band hard to put in a box, but have been described by others, as Psychedelic, Funk, Blues, Stoner, Rock with a Steampunk Style.
A 3 piece band, made up of 2 Bassist’s from Derbyshire UK, and a Drummer from Ost-Holstein Germany, they certainly have an original line up, and an original sound to match.[…]

Psychedelic, yes, exactly… To put it in a few words: BB Black Dog reminded me a lot of Hawkwind when I first listened in.

First is the key here. Every time I listened, it seemed like another level to their music was unearthed. Witty, sometimes slightly off lyrics, a range of bass sounds seldom heard these days and a vocalist whose voice invokes images of smoke-filled clubs and half empty pints of beer. The driving beat underlying the album is also rather catchy. I found myself nodding in rhythm several times, something I have not done in years. The Live Bonus piece is a real jewel, at 12 minutes two seconds the longest piece of the album, there are only two words to describe it: IT ROCKS!

BB Black Dog Logo

The whole album rocks. BB Black Dog have created a temporal bridge in several dimensions. The album harks back to the days of great psychedelic rock, back when I was still a child and they have managed to root it in the present. In a steampunk context, that is what we want, taking the best from the past and secure it in the here and now.
No.One. Is one impressive, powerful album, and one hell of a debut! It has been on the repeat cycle of my recreational audio device the whole day.

10 out of 10 blasting, roaring Zeppelins!


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