Boneshaker is coming to the Big Screen!

Yes, you read this one correctly. Cherie Priest’s fantastic novel Boneshaker is being turned into a movie.


She has announced this on her blog, all I am doing is spread the good news.

The official statement is this one:

Los Angeles, CA – November 30, 2011

Brian Oliver, President of Cross Creek Pictures, Simon Oakes, Vice-Chairman of Exclusive Media Group and President & CEO of Hammer Films and Guy East and Nigel Sinclair, Co-Chairmen of Exclusive Media Group (“Exclusive”) announced today that Hammer has acquired the rights to the novel “Boneshaker” by Cherie Priest for adaptation to the big screen. Project will be co-produced by Hammer and Cross Creek Pictures and co-financed by Exclusive and Cross Creek Pictures.

John Hilary Shepherd, a 2010 WGA Award nominee for his work on the first season of the Showtime series, “Nurse Jackie,” is writing the screenplay. Tobin Armbrust, Head of Production is overseeing the project’s development for Hammer Films.

Epic! Now we all must pray to the Great Air Kraken or other deity of choice for thid project not getting stuck in development hell…