Review: Victor Sierra – Electric Rain

Before I start with the review, I have got something to request:
If some of you know of a band or single artist in the general vicinity of steampunk you consider bad, let me know.

It is getting somewhat embarrassing. When I look back on the albums I have had the pleasure to review, there is not a single one I did not consider a pleasure. I have had some literature I did not like and some more literature that was good but not outstanding but as far as music is concerned… The “lowest” rating I gave so far was seven out of ten, which places the album question in the “rather good” segment. The last three music reviews were a Ten a Nine and a Ten.
Now here is the review of Victor Sierra’s album Electric Rain and after this introduction, you can guess where this is going.

A few words about the band:

Victor Sierra are a French steampunk band whose music is heavily electronic, in other words: My preferred kind.

Now for the album Electric Rain:

Victor Sierra - Electric Rain

The first feature that struck me was Anouk Adrien voice. Vocals are primarily in English (with an absolutely charming french accent) but there are also tracks in French, Spanish and (surprisingly) Yiddish on this very varied album. There is a quality to Electric Rain, a certain edginess, I had encountered before.
Some tracks reminded me of electronic versions of songs by Ghostfire. I was thus not really surprised when Bob Eisenstein the Commander of the airship Hydrogen Queen Airship and co-founder of Victor Sierra informed me, the members of Victor Sierra and Ghostfire are friends.
I do not think Electric Rain is a concept album, but some songs have a very danceable military beat to them which again I find very enjoyable. There are also some oriental tunes and the almost obligatory industrial noises, all very fitting.
Electric Rain is a very danceable album and I shall soon have the opportunity to test the danceability (next week, to be exact).
If I had to pick a favourite track (in this case the one you would most likely find me on the dance floor for) it would be Blood in the Skies but there is not a single track on the album I do not like.
Electric Rain is another excellent, very enjoyable album. I even liked the cover version of White Rabbit. Good cover versions are rare, I still remember my first reaction to the abomination, the All Saints turned Under the Bridge by The Red Hot Chilly Peppers into. Electric Rain contrasts sharpely with No.One. by BB Black Dog I reviewed earlier this week. Together they are testimony to the sheer creativity and spectrum of ideas covered by steampunk.

There are still a few points where Victor Sierra can make their sound smoother but nothing major is missing or needs to be improved.

Nine out of ten Zeppelins.

And this is Bob Eisenstein in all his glory: