Atompunk: Happy Bermuda Triangle Day!

I guess this is one of the least-known and at the same time earliest holidays in the Atompunk Calendar: Bermuda Triangle Day!
In case you did not know: The Bermuda Triangle is named after the course Flight 19, was supposed to take on December 5th 1945.

Flight 19 was made up of five very beautiful TBM Avenger torpedo bombers:

The TBM Avenger bombers of Flight 19

Flight 19 (artist's depiction)


And this is the triangular course they set out to take, beginning and ending at Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

Bermuda Triangle

The course of Flight 19 forms the boundary of the Bermuda Triangle


Their mysterious disappearance on their training mission grew into a legend and now forms an integral part of Bermuda Triangle folklore.

Flight 19 has also become a piece of modern folklore and myth in its own right. You find them in connection with time travel and UFOs. The most popular example is very likely the return of the  crews  by the aliens in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The mystery continues to this day. The remains of Flight 19 are yet to be conclusively discovered, but the Atlantic Ocean is a big place, and navigation errors were more common than you would think. Back then, flight crews neither had computers, pocket calculators nor GPS. They may well have crash-landed in the Atlantic way off course, but who knows, maybe one day they will be found. Yet, it is unreasonable to presume aliens or space-time anomalies would be responsible for their disappearance.

It would be just as unreasonable (or reasonable) to state they were on a secret mission to bomb a Deep One city but failed and were lost as a result.

As it is so often the case with myths and legends, the story grows with each telling. In the mid to late 1980’s I was big into UFOs, Atlantis, and the Bermuda Triangle. I read about a dozen books on the matter. Several reported ominous details regarding the disappearance, like one intercepted radio conversation stating: “They look like they are from outer space.” and other reports indicating the compasses of the planes not working due to magnetic anomalies.

I have since learned these statement are flat-out inventions. Nothing of the sort is mentioned in official reports, such as this one by the US Navy.

Of course, you can always say the Navy is hushing it up and I get a hefty paycheck by the MiB as well, to tell you the the Bermuda Triangle is not real… Uuups…

But do not listen to what I have to say, do your own research.  And for Cthulhu’s sake, do it with an honest heart and an open mind! The aliens may just be in your head or in the lies of others who want to sell books and videos!
You do not need made-up mysteries, the universe is mysterious and fascinating enough without any embellishments!

Oh, and talking of mystery: Through some mysterious quantum-entanglement and time-wave fractuation, something eles has appeared in Fort Lauderdale, hombase of Flight 19, can you guess what I am talking about?

The James Randi Educational Foundation!