Prof. Minuskel's Timetravel Panopticum: Recap 1

After only three hours of sleep for two days and being on my feet for about 24 hours before I got the three hours, I was incapable of writing coherently yesterday. That is the main reason I did not post an entry on Professor Minuskel’s Timetravel Panoptikum yesterday.

Never mind. So, this is the first part of my report on Professor Minuskel’s Timetravel Panoptikum, at Club Pi in Vienna, brought to you and organised by Steam-HeART:

After already reporting on Steampunk in Vienna with a lot of help from my friends from the Vienna Steampunk Pub Moot, I finally got to go to Vienna myself. This was actually my first trip to the old capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and by the time I got there, it was already dark.

I had initially planned on strolling through the city for a while but doing so in darkness woud not have been as much fun as doing so in the hours of daylight, especially in winter.

Ah well, the purpose of my travel was the attendance Prof. Minuskel’s Time Traveller Ball, so the city itself will have to wait for another visit.

My first impression of Vienna (the Westbahnhof to be exact) was very good, very impressive, since I was greeted by this lurking in the main hall:

A massive Yule tree in the entrance hall of Westbahnhof Vienna

Good start right from the start.

From Westbahnhof it was only about 7-10 minutes walk to Club Pi where the party was to start three hours later. Luckily, the guys from Steam-HeART and Ms Maria Muffins were already there, so I did not have to kill time (which I would have done strolling through the shops of the Westbahnhof, I guess).

I received a very friendly welcome and Dag from Steam-HeART shwoed my ariund the club and filled me in about who made the decorations, where the motifs came from etc. Some of the posters and most of the gear, gadgets and paraphrenalia you are about to see is from the people of Steam-HeART, some is from ArmorCorp Sisko of Graz, Austria and some is from abroad, (such as the raygun on the radio in the previous post).

These are images taken before the party started:

Sign on the Captain's Table

Sign on the Captain's Table

Steampunk Gun by Steam-HeART

Steampunk Gun by Steam-HeART

Brass Map and Flyer

Brass Map and Flyer

Steampunk Propaganda

Steampunk Propaganda

The Captain's Chest

The Captain's Chest

I actually have a few more, but I do not want to create an endless steam of photos here. I guess I should set up a Flickr account after all… Anyway, by the time doors opened at 22:00, a crowd had already assembled outside, which was an indicator of what was to come.

Here are some images of the illustrious guests and the party itself. They are in roughly chronological order from minutes after 22:00 to about 02:00 AM in the night:

Impressive Steampunk Cyberarm

An impressive Steampunk Cyberarm

Explorer at the bar

Explorer at the bar (22:15)

Crowd at the Bar

The guests gather for excellent cocktails

Murder on the dancefloor

... and it was war on the dancefloor

The best images are yet to come, believe me. But in their case I have to wait for clearance.

Now, the evening was a success of R’lyehan proportions. Club Pi was absolutely packed with people. The barkeeper did not get a break the whole evening, he has my sympathies. The cocktails were simply too good. Talking of cocktails: I had a most excellent White Russian and a special creation for the evening: A Lovecraft (Iä!). I am unable to share the formula here, but rest assured, it was green. I also had the immense pleasure of having very charming company for my cocktails, the aformentioned Maria Muffins and Christin von Elsterberg, both members of the crew of the Æthership Tempus Fugit.

But do not suppose I spent the evening drinking. I had quite a few interesting and in some cases highly interesting conversations with the guests, spent some time on the dancefloor and enjoyed myself immensely. The evening just flew by. All of a sudden it was four in the morning, the last guests (i.e. the majority of guests) were ushered out.

I stayed until 05:00 AM and left with the crew of Tempus Fugit, catching the train home at 06:00.

Steam-HeART are already drafting plans for the following event next year and I will do my best to be able to attend. I had a really wonderful time at Professor Minuskel’s Timetravel Panoptikum, met a bushel of great people and was really sad I had to leave so early.

Thank you Steam-HeART and everyone who participated for creating this memorable, wonderful event!



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