A message from Abney Park's Captain Robert

Captain Robert of Abney Park posted this just about an hour ago on his Facebook Wall:

To those bitching about Steampunk going mainstream, I have one thing to say:

It isn’t a revolution, if you don’t plan to change the world.

And along the same line, check out this blog post by my friend Tee Morris of Ministry of Peculiar Occurences fame. He puts it far more eloquently and directly than I could.

I have nothing to add to either, other than I totally agree. Steampunk is not being killed by its going mainstream, this has not happened to the goth scene, to Heavy Metal, or Hip Hop. Yes, believe it or not, those started out underground, too. Now, please people, do not panic! If you feel Steampunk is dead now, because of something more or less directly connected to this video:

then maybe, just maybe, your enthusiasm for the scene was rather superficial to begin with. I do not like Justin’s music either, but I hardly think his adoption of cheap steampunkish pastiches in his latest video spells the end of the scene.

And by the way: This discussion seems to be going on only in the North American and certain parts of the European scene. Most non-English language groups, boards and sites have been remarkably quiet about this issue.

The scene is global, the ripples of Justin Bieber in this case relatively local. Global beats local, Steampunk is alive!


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