Slovenian Steampunk Bellydance

Steampunk is an international phenomenon, no doubt about it.

Via the European Steampunk Convention’s Facebook Page I have now been made aware of Steampunks in a country which has thus far been a white spot on my Steampunk map: Slovenia.

So, it is with great pleasure I present Ambrosia Tribal, a most superb tribal bellydance troupe with some heavy steampunk influences:

They call their style Glam Tribal, and if you take a look at their photos on their  Facebook page, you will know why.

For now, please take a look at this group shot:

Ambrosia tribal Dance Troupe

 There is more to come concerning Steampunk Bellydance on this blog, believe me. There is much more to come… I guess it is time I do a full-fledged feature covering several tribes and the history in general, now where did I put my portable time dispenser?