Angry Robot Books is doing it again!

Right, my favourite publisher is doing it again (as if they ever stopped): Releasing fantastic books.

Now, my preference for Angry Robot Books has several reasons:

  1. They’ve got Lavie Tidhar
  2. They’ve got Guy Adams
  3. They’ve got Dan Abnett
  4. They are based in Nottingham (home sweet home…)
  5. I have thus far not encountered a single book they released I did not like. To be more exact, there are several I did read but I did not review on this blog in addition to the ones I featured here and not a single one was below eight out of ten.


Now, the evil fiends wonderful people at Angry Robot have posted an update on their blog, giving previews of upcoming releases.

I read them, now I have to wait… In Cthulhu’s name, why do I have to wait? Anyway, to let you share my pain, I give you the excerpts of the two books, I anticipate most:

Lavie Tidhar’s The Great Game

and Adam Christopher’s Empire State


enjoy and be hooked!