Prof. Minuskel’s Timetravel Panopticum: Recap 2 – Nakari

Last time I wrote aboutProfessor Minuskels Timetravel Panopticum I left the best and most spectacular bit out.
Later in the evening, we were honored by a performance of Nakari, a Vienna based Tribal Bellydance Duo:

Let’s begin with two photographs I took (please excuse the modest quality):

Nakari operforming at Club Pi (Start)

Nakari during their performance at Club Pi, 07.12.2011

But this, of course, is not all. I was also able to record a video:

As you may have guessed, this video is a compilation of excerpts from the performance. Well, if you were not there, you will now wonder for the rest of your life, what pieces you have missed… Yes, sometimes I do have a mean streak.

If you want to find out more about Nakari, you can check out their homepage (available in German and English) and of course, they are at the usual place, where the whole ætherweb seems to congregate these days.

I had a short chat with the ladies after their performance and to my delight, they are just as nice and charming as they are talented. No wonder they are friends of SteamHeART.

I think my final piece on Professor Minuskels Timetravel Panoptikum may after all be a massive photo update. But let’s see…