How Cyberpunk: The Future of Science according to the IFTF

CNN recently featured an article about the future of science up to 2021, as predicted by the Institute for the Future.

According to the Institute, the future looks something like this:

Future of Science Map

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This looks like something out of a cyberpunk/space opera novel. Although I find some of the concepts presented in the map quite intriguing, some of them may be just too far out there. The space-time cloak in particular seems to me to be rather infeasable for quite some time if not forever. I am no quantum physicist though, so if anybody can explain the concept to me in depth, I may change my mind.

The Massively Multiplayer Data bouble in the upper right corner appears the most likely to me, since some of the things predicted there are already emerging.

Personally, I am most fascinated by the engineered evolution, although I think it will be as it always is: They will create weapos with it first.

Well, let’s see. I have a good chance to be around in 2021, I can check the predictions.