Office Party Win!

So two days ago, we had our company christmas party. Quite a great evening. It was the best office party I have been to since I left Games Workshop in 2000 (nothing beats a party at Bugman’s Bar).
One of the highlights was one of my colleagues doing some magic tricks (he is in fact a member of the MZVD, Germany’s most prestigious organisation of stage magicians).
It is really frustrating, when you know how a trick works, but then fail to spot it when it happens, let me tell you…

Now for the big win: It is a tradition here (in Southern Germany at least) to do “Wichteln” for your colleagues. “Wichtel” is the German term for a helpful, industrious fairy creature. Basically, one of the fat guy with the beard’s helpers. It means, you get a little present for one specific  colleague or (as it happened in this case) everybody gets a small present, they are pooled and then they are raffled in one way or the other.

I do not know if any other vintage gifts were in the pool, but I got one and I could not spot another:
The tin toy mouse I got at the office party

A true blessing by the Air Kraken! A little tin toy wind-up mouse. What more could a little steampunk ask for?

To sum up: I had a brilliant evening, good food, good drink, terrific company and a very fitting piece of loot to take home.