Watching it grow – The ESC is taking shape

The European Steampunk Convention has already occupied quite a portion of my life and time. As it appears now, this is only going to get more. I am currently in the middle of creating a video to put on IndieGoGo, I also want to create some more material to distribute online and offline.

There is still some time but if I start procrastinating now, it will be August soon and there will be no time to plan at all anymore.
But I am not doing this alone. If there had not been this tremendous feedback from all over Europe, and Hispano America, I probably would have stopped with my efforts after a few weeks.
Only recently, I found the Hungarian Steampunks on Facebook had a link to the European Steampunk Convention’s Facebook Page without me ever contacting or even knowing one of them. The convention has taken on a life of its own. This is so encouraging. There are so many people out there now who want to see it happen and who are participating in getting it on the road. Some of the material I will use in the video was graciously donated by my Austrian, Spanish and Russian friends. Without their material, it would be a rather boring and lifeless video.

Many people have come forward suggesting bands and DJs, or are bands and DJs themselves. Others have pointed my attention to great places where a major event within the cross-continental network could take place.
Alas, the first instalment of the ESC will most likely not be able to afford all those artists who have been suggested or set something up in all the places that have been pointed out. But who knows what the future will bring. Let’s tackle ESC I first, than we make plans for expansions!

And before I forget it: One great person (who will be featured here on a later date) has even come forward and offered a fully steampunked redesign of the convention’s homepage.

So, things are looking great right now, the project has developed its own dynamism, a life of its own, something I had never expected.

I will keep you posted here and on the official pages.