Great Gear for the New Year

Usually, I do not respond well to people writing to me, wanting me to feature their shop on my blog. More often then not, it is only vaguely Steampunk what they have to offer or I simply do not like it. I have blogged about this before. Every now and then, a veritable treasure chest ends up in my ætherbox, and this was the case with Lastwear.

Lastwear is best summed up by this image:

Lastwear - Apocalypse in Style

I am particularly pleased they stock quite an interesting range of clothing for gentlemen, something I find generally being in short supply.

Even better, they do not concentrate on the usual Victorian (industrialised West) style of clothing, but also offer Japanese clothing inspired Steampung wear for gentlemen:

Steampunk Hakama

Steampunk Hakama

Of course, they also have stylish legwear for the more traditional tastes:

Steampunk Cargo Steeplejacks

Steampunk Cargo Steeplejacks

Obviously,there is also fashion for ladies available, just go and check out their market, they also have waistcoats and various accessories in their range of products.

But what really sets them apart in my oppinion is the Steampunk fiction section on their site. Basically, Lastwear has its own Steampunk universe, very much like the stories surrounding Abney Park.

So, please check out Lastwear, an excellent and unique Steampunk fashion site on the Ætherweb and keep an eye on them. They are still fairly new and their range, both gear and literature, is still expanding.