Steampowered Dieselpunk Aircraft

Another wonderful piece of tech art I found on DeviantArt. The concept behind it is rather weird, but we can still dream, can’t we?

So, to sum up what this is about: This is an experimental German aircraft (from a completely different time line) powered by a steam turbine.  I actually wonder if it would be possible to create a steam engine efficient enough to get a figher aircraft into the air.

If any of my readers happen to be aeronautical engineers, I would appreciate some input regarding this matter.

Steampowered fighter plane by CUTANGUS

Steampowered Fighter Aircraft 2 by CUTANGUS

The artist, as you can see in the image, is CUTANGUS. Check out his gallery on DeviantArt! He has quite a collection of all sorts of flying machine, some very Dieselpunk, others far more advanced than that.


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