Cinematography to enjoy in 2012

"The Raven" by TennielLadies and gentlemen, 2012 offers quite a number of cinematographic events every Steampunk or connoisseur of related esthetics can enjoy. From the macabre and tragic, to the unappologetic weird the silver screen has a lot to offer in 2012.

First on the list, a gothic ghost story starring Daniel Radcliffe. It has been rather quiet around this film, especially considering its star. I hope I can change this in a small way.


The Woman in Black looks very promising in deed:

Next, a most intriguing non-biopic involving the Master of the Macabre Edgar Allen Poe himself:

The Raven:

And of course, John Carter, I mentioned this particular movie before:

And I still wonder, why did they drop “of Mars”. The novels are called “John Carter of Mars”, after all.

Now for the one, I anticipate the most Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

And this is only up until June.

More to come in the second half of 2012, most notably the first part of The Hobbit, although this one is obviously not related to the genre of my blog.

In any case, I hope I will have the chance to watch at least one or two of them and leave a few words on this online publication.