Le Voyage dans la Lune restored

The classic science fiction movie Le Voyage dans la Lune (“A Trip to the Moon”, do not confuse it with the Alien Sex Fiend song by the same name) directed by Georges Méliès has been restored. To be more precise, the coloured version has been restored, as announced by the BBC.

The Moon with a Capsule in his Eye

Le Voyage dans la Lune  is one of the ealiest examples of science fiction in  cinema and it features many elements today found in steampunk. All in all it is rather comical, the opening scene reminiscient of a meeting at Unseen University (except for the girls) and the action on the slapsticky side, but the steampunk elements are obvious, from the cannon as a means to get people to the moon to the geography of the same.

You can take a look at it yourself and confirm my statement. The whole movie is not even 15 minutes long and it is also in the public domain, so you can watch it straight away.


and then you can use this link to download an MP4 version of it.