A Dark Gem from Image Comics

Image Comics has just released a most fascinating comic series named Fatale.

The story revolves around a reporter in the present day (2012) who comes across a discovery leading towards a woman who has been on the run since the 1930’s and apparently not aged. This is just the beginning, the further he gets involved, the darker the secrets he uncovers.

How dark? Well, look at this cover:


Fatale Cover

(c) Image Comics 2012


Does that remind you of anyone?

It does not only look promising. Brubaker and Phillips are two names with a lot of clout. They have created such award-winnig works as Sleeper, Criminal and Incognito.

I am very intrigued by the implications of the story combined with this cover. Cthulhu meets the Mob, more or less. I will have a look into it. Several, I believe.