Mythos Hymn

I am a fan of Neil Young. I own several albums and Keep on Rocking in the Free World and Hey hey, my my are two of my all-time favourites. I also noticed recently Hey hey, my my can be turned into a Cthulhu Mythos hymn quite easily:

Hey hey, my my
Great Old Ones can never die
In R’lyeh
They Sleep and lie
Hey hey, my my

Out of the dark awake from their dream
Their return’s gonna make us scream
And once they’ve come –  no turning back
Your mind may explode or it may turn black.

The King in Yellow, he is not forgotten
His mask is pallid, his garments rotten
Civilization burns, then it turns to dust
The King in Yellow, he is not forgotten

My my, hey hey
Ancient cults are here to stay
The things they call
will pop your eye.
Hey hey, my my


And some fantastic art to round it all up, by Giacobino, check out his gallery on DeviantArt:


The King in Yellow by Giacobino

"The King in Yellow" by Giacobino