The Fantasy World Map

I discovered this really interesting map recently while scouting the ætherweb for curiosities worthy of blogging about.

Fantasy Map

What I find most interesting is obviously the entry at the bottom of the map: Dreamlands

Now, I wonder if this is just for the places we all go to at night when we dream, or wether it specifically references Lovecraft’s Dreamlands. The place where Zoogs and Shantaks dwell, and King Kuranes has built the magnificent city Celephais.

Thing is, I have no idea who created this map (and I intend no copyright infringement), so I cannot find out which places Dreamlands encompasses here.

But I really enjoy the idea of Lovecraft’s Dreamlands bordering Alice’s Wonderland and on the same continent as Hogwarts. I mean, what an image: Nyarlathotep showing up in Hogwarts… The implications alone!

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