Underground Mainstream Lucky Find

You would not believe the places you can find decent gear. A few days ago, I was looking for a replacement for a pair of my boots (after 11 years of service, they had to be retired). Thus I went browsing the ætherweb’s largest supplier of everything (you know, those who started out as a bookstore).

After a little browsing I found a suitable and due to winter sale  reasonably priced pair of boots:

Gunner Boot Black by Fly London

Which I purchased. When they arrived I was most please, not only with the boot but also with the logo, which is this:

Fly London Logo

This rather interesting logo incited me to visit their website. Now I have to warn you, the site is very modern, very hip, very trendy and I find it quite appaling. Their collection is also rather modern and hip, but… and this is a rather big but, a


so to speak. There are quite a few shoes and boots compatible with the wardrobe of a gentleman of the Steampunk or Dieselpunk persuasion, and not only the boot pictured above.

Since I need another replacement come warmer weather, I know for which exact model I have to look and I know where to find it.

Quite fortunate I stumbled upon this particular brand of boots and shoes, I think.