Mechanics for Dreams

Steampunk is great. It never fails to surprise me. The sheer variety of things out there i the æthernet. Today ‘s featured artist is Daniele Napoli, alias Tana of Tana Creatures.

Tana Creatures takes parts from industrial machinery and industrial processes and recycles them to create machinery producing music in surprising and wonderful ways.

In their own words:

Our lab gave birth to both l’Océan and Esperimento Pirofonia musical machines. Within the last 10 years, we’ve designed, developed and built machines working with water, air and fire: Those machines are the performance core along with bass guitar, mixer and computer effects.

As mentioned above, Tana Creatures cooperates with Esperimento  Pirofonia, the project has a Myspace Page (curiously enough…), their machines have also been used in the productions of Nuke Satori Banzai. The range of music employing Steampunk elements has just gotten broader again.

The sound-mechanical instalations of Tana Creatures in acion look and sound like this:


And this is a still from one of their performances:

Tana Creatures and Pirofonia in Action