Wooly Mammoth filmed in Siberia

Aha! I knew it. In the remote parts of Siberia, the magnificent Wooly Mammoth still roams as it has done for hundreds of thousands of years. Just look at this video, conclusive proof, featured by the renowned scientific magazine THE SUN (no link, thank you):

Yes, I know. It is a blurry video of a bear with a fish in its mouth.
My guess is, it was filmed somewhere in North America.

Who would really think this was a mammoth? The answer is: Plenty of people. We want to believe, that is the simple truth. We are hardwired for believe. And I actually would love to see real footage of a mammoth grazing in Siberia. I am a cryptozoology enthusiast myself, but I know chances of mammoth still being around are remote at best.

The video above is not even fun to watch. It is really depressing and anticlimactic.

And to round this rather sad entry up, here is a beautiful depiction of a herd of Wooly Mammoths by Mauricio Antón.

Herd of Mammoth, Artwork by Mauricio Antón