Vintage Monster and Spooky Toys

This is The Great Garloo:

The Great Garloo Vintage Monster Toy

The Great Garloo

It is a classic monster toy, today highly sought after by collectors. It came out in the early 1960’s, when sci-fi movies featuring titanic monsters were at their most popular.
Compared to modern toys it looks rather primitive, but in its day it was cutting edge. Garloo even was remote controlled, as you can see in its original commerical:

I like the feel of this commercial. It really is a bit like a classic monster movie. I think it also pack much more of a punch as modern commercials. It is simple and effective. The Great Garloo was also a rather expensive toy in its time, at $17.98 a piece.

And here is another vintage toy advert from a few years later. I guess it is either from the late 1960’s or early 1970’s and is on the spooky and tribal side. It is also of the kind that would hardly stand a chance of being aired today: