This Sunday: Edwardian Ball 2012

The esteemed Mark Day dropped me a note this morning, well, just about midmight his time, I think.  In it, he informed me the renowned Edwardian Ball is just about to happen once again!

In his own words:

Steam-punk goggles and relentless corsetry ahoy! It’s the Edwardian Ball, 2012, at San Francisco’s historic Regency Ballroom, featuring an original staging of Edward Gorey’s The Iron Tonic, by the Vau de Vire Society and paga-lounge ensemble Rosin Coven.  The Edwardian Ball Los Angeles takes place this weekend, on Sunday the 19th at the Belasco Theater.  Tickets still available, details at

And Sunday the 19th is obviously this Sunday, i.e. in two days.


And here is an impression of what to expect at The Edwardian Ball:


So, if you are lucky enough to live in relatively close proximity to Los Angeles, close enough to make it there within the next two days, grab a ticket and go!