Oil Company steals Steampunk Art

Well, well… The Norwegian oil company Det Norske, is apparently unable to pay royalties to at least three Steampunk artists, despite the fact it is grossing millions each year. So instead, Det Norske simply stole some artwork…

The artists in question are Daniel Proulx (Canada), Tom Banwell (USA), and Frank Buchwald (Germany). Their art was used, without their permission, in Det Norskes Annual Report, and in the on-board magazine of Norwegian airline ASA.

A rather courteous letter by the artists has thus far gone unanswered. More information about the artwork and how it was used and abused can be found here.

And Det Norske’s CEO can be reached via this email address, if you would like to drop him a message: erik.haugane@detnor.no

Last but not least, a Facebook Page has been set up to support the artists’ cause.

And my thanks to Clockworker.de for bringing this to my attention.