Steampunk Trip-hop by Lunar Lions

More and more different music genres are moving into the Steampunk scene. So far I have featured electronica of various shades, metal and rock, and only a few days ago rap. Now I am happy to feature yet a new flavour, trip-hop. Trip-hop is a genre of music I am not particularly familiar with. Quick facts: trip-hop grew out of post-acid (oh yes, I remember that style in the late 1980’s) in the 1990 and most likely originated in Bristol, UK. It combines down tempo electronic sounds with elements of funk and jazz to create a rather relaxed sound.

Trip-hop also has a tendency towards experimentation, which makes it rather Steampunk in my opinion.

So much for the theory. Now, California-based project Lunar Lions have tweaked Skrillex trip-hop anthem “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” towards Steampunk, mad scientist in video included:

Lunar Lions are really getting into the Steampunk groove, so to speak, they have even re-imagined their studio to give it a more brassy look and feel, literally:

Lunar Lions recording studio

There is more, the song is available for download and of course, Lunar Lions are present on the ætherweb, so please pay them a visit:

Official Lunar Lions Website link:

Oh, I almost forgot:

This is the first release from Lunar Lions. With more recordings coming this spring.