On the menue today: Something undead

Back in the mid 1990’s my brother and me ran a Call of Cthulhu game . As far as I am aware of, he is still doing it occasionally, the last time I ran a game must be three or four years ago, now. A Call of Cthulhu game, that is.

One of the more memorable moments of one evening was the battle against a shoggoth. The investigators managed quite well, than someone had the idea of turning the formless oozing blob that was the shoggoth carcass into sandwich-spread. From this point onward, the evening lost its horror atmosphere and descended into a lame pun contest. Still, we had fun.

Now I have come across something that gives me hope: Other people have similar ideas for uses of gruesome creatures.

In particular, there is this song about Necromorph soup.
In case you do not know what a Necromorph is: It is an undead/reanimated group of creatures and the source of all the fun in the survival horror games Dead Space and Dead Space 2.
But now on with the video: