Announcing: The Official Dieselpunk Holiday

This is actually official: Starting this year,

November 12 2012 will be the first time we celebrate The International Dieselpunk Day!

I am not quite sure how this brilliant idea got started, but as far as I know it is the brainchild of two Latin American friends of mine, but do not quote me on that…

Edit: I have been informed I ommited a certain gentleman from the north of Texas. This error of mine has now been corrected.

In case a certain lady from Buenos Aires and a certain gentleman from Mexico City happen to read this (you know who you are) please be so kind to confirm this or correct me if I am wrong.

Plans for events celebrating this day are already underway, you can join the fun at the International Dieselpunk Day Group on Facebook. All the usual suspects have already assembled there.

So, spread the word, come up with ideas and celebrate Dieselpunk, the music, the esthetics, the ideas with us on November 12th. I will keep you posted here, about developments.

Dieselpunk Pin-Up and a Mitchell Bomber

Lovely Ladies and a beautiful Machine - Dieselpunk Style