H.P. Lovecraft's original Facebook and the Dancing Goths

Out of the Æons comes the stark revelation, H.P. Lovecraft, Master of the Macabre had a Facebook decades before it was fashionable. I dare speculate the Great Race of Yith had a hand in that one. Here is proof, by the way:

H.P. Lovecraft and the Necronomicon

And while we are a bit on the lighthearted side of darkness, we continue in the same vein and take a look at this highly educational video on “How to Dance like a Goth”:



Interestingly enough, some of the moves shown here I have yet to encounter in European clubs. The anthropologist in me rejoices! Different expressions of the same subculture in different countries and sociotopes! Oh the possibilities of further study! There may yet be a Ph.D. in there for me!