Let us prevent a War nobody wants – Iranians, We Love You!

The rhetoric between Israel and Iran has once again reached a fever-pitch and it is not looking good right now.
However, an Israeli graphics designer has used the internet to spread a powerful message:

This is so beautiful, and it shows one thing: The people are tired of block-headed politicians risking everybody’s life but their own (because they have a place in a bunker or a seat on a jet to get out) and go to war about some stupid piece of shit, ideology, or both (and in most cases the ideology in question is shit anyway).
It is time we show them there are other and better ways to do it. I have yet to see a better way than the one Ronny chose. I am supporting his cause, I hope you will, too.
Please go and join the Facebook Group Israel Loves Iran or click on the image below:

Also, please consider contributing to Ronny’s campaign at IndieGogo.

Thank you and Daily Steampunk loves you all!

Come to think of it, the following image fits like a glove to all warmongers out there:

Fractal Wrongness