How Atompunk: Amazon boss finds Apollo 11 Engines

Reminiscent of comic book industrialists, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos went on an expedition to locate the lost F-1 engines of the Apollo 11 mission.

Apollo F-1 Engines

They had rested on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean since July 20, 1969 but now, Bezos is now planning to raise them. More about this endeavour can be found on his blog and on the BBC.

The whole field of extreme environment exploration is attracting a number of wealthy patrons and champions recently. A development I cannot find fault with. Especially since neither Bezos, nor director James Cameron who recently visited the Mariana Trench:

seem to have any commercial interest but are doing it for science. I wonder if they can motivate more wealthy people in investing into similar ventures instead of spending money on luxury goods or getting even more rich. I would welcome it and literally everyone would benefit, as long as no exploitation of the ocean floor is intended.

And what’s next? Maybe more private investment into low-to-mid orbit traffic. We will see. I think I will be around long enough to witness something come out of it.